Me2Be Ltd. provides services to:

Children and their families between the ages of 0-17 with neurodiverse brains, developmental delays, social/emotional challenges, sensory processing challenges, and physical disabilities.

  • Because we believe in integrated practice, the first visit will likely be a joint visit by a behavioural consultant and an OT.  Depending on the services you are seeking, it may be more appropriate for the initial visit to be solely by an OT. Either way, the intent of the first session will be to better understand your child and family through observation, assessment, and conversation. 

  • After the initial visit/assessment families will be offered multiple options for moving forward with services. Each of the following service options could be provided: 

    • 1. Combined OT and Behavioural Services 

    • 2. OT Services

    • 3. Behavioural Coaching/Consultant Services 

  • Families will be able to choose which service option works best for them and to meet their therapy goals!

  • Me2Be services take place in your family's natural setting (i.e. your home and community). We can do visits over virtual platforms as well, such as, Zoom, Google Meet etc.

  • Private OT services are covered by many employers' benefit plans and extended health insurance coverage. Please refer to your insurance company for details about your plan. Presently we do not direct bill.

  • Please note in-home services may be subject to travel fees. 

  • Joint OT and Behavioural consultation/coaching session

  • 1:1 Private Occupational Therapy (OT) services

  • 1:1 Private Behavioural consultation/coaching and skill development sessions 

  • Collaboration with other professionals to support successful participation for your child in home, school and in the community.


  • In person, video-chat, or telephone coaching and consultation to build your knowledge, skills and capacity around identified goal areas related to your child.

  • ​Occupational Therapy assessments to support programming,  or gain more information about  your child in a particular area(s).  

  • We provide a variety of workshops/training to staff groups. Some examples of presentation topics are:

    • Motor Development for Early Learners

    • Looking Beyond Behaviour: Regulation, Routines, & Relationships

    • Nurturing Social - Emotional Development 

    • Supporting Independence For All: Tackling Self-Help Skills in Young Children

  • All of our workshops have been approved by the Alberta government to help employers (i.e. Daycares, Preschools) pay for continuing education for their staff. 










Therapy sessions are by appointment only.

Presently evening and weekend appointments are available.

Cost of Services

Initial Visit - 120/hour

Occupational Therapy Services - 120/hour

Behavioural Coach and Consultant - 70/hour

Any joint visit after initial assessment- 150/hour


Serving St. Albert, Edmonton,

& Surrounding Areas

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P: 780-245-5936

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